About us

Part of a network of laboratories, the Bioscientia Center of Human Genetics has specialised in diagnostic screening and testing of numerous genetic conditions in humans. We also offer genetic counselling of affected patients and their relatives.

The advent of new technologies (next-generation sequencing/NGS) has revolutionised the field of human genetics to play an increasingly important role in laboratory diagnostics of all medical specialities. A strong interdisciplinary approach and the rapid development of new techniques are the hallmarks of medical genetics.

Our dedicated team of more than 90 qualified doctors, natural scientists and technical staff is ready to support our customers in Germany and abroad. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality services with short analysis times within our network of affiliated laboratories.

Providing more than 1000 different analyses from the fields of molecular genetics, array CGH, cytogenetics, FISH, tumour genetics and prenatal screening, we offer extensive laboratory diagnostic services in human genetics aiming to promptly implement new scientific findings into routine screening and testing.